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the skills and Services that we offer.

DBA Services, etc.

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Reference Data Architecture

Reference Data Architecture
I have been honoured by being invited to join the

Microsoft User Research Panel

We have prepared Specifications for 21 Proof of Concept Projects
to be completed by October 6th. (my birthday) using Microsoft Azure

BI Stack

Azure Data Factory
BI Stack


Here we show the 3 Components of our Services - Cloud, Data and Reports.
Our Cloud Component provides a range of Industry-specific Services, such as Airport Managemnt.
Our Data Component incorporates Best Practice for a Data Warehouse, Data Lakes and Data Marts.
Our Report Component provides a range of Reports, including KPIs, Alerts and Performance Reports.

In our diagram on the left we identify Microsoft Components where data is extracted into the Operational Data Store and processed by the Cloud-based Data Factory and passed to the Reporting Services.
Time for (completion of) the Total Airport Management Data Model is 'Q2, 2017'.

Therefore we assume that the Data Warehouse willl be 'on premise'. and that the BI Layer will be in the Clouds, along with the Cloud Services (Power BI).

Click here for the draft Conceptual and ERD Models for our Total Airport Management Data Model.

SSIS includes MDM.

Q2, 2017 is the planned Completion Time for our Proof-of-Concept (POC).

This has 3 Phases :-
1.Basic, with some facilities 'in-premise'
2.With Publish-and-Subscribe
3.With Customer Data Platform

Here we show Barry's page of Data Models on the Microsoft Web Site that we contributed to the marketing of SQL Server.

We plan to extend this work with the completion of 21 Industry Platforms Cloud Services with a network of global Partners for October 6th. (Barry's birthday).
1. Air Transport Platform 2020
2. Banking Platform 2020
3. Self-Service Insurance
4. Retail Sales
  • plus Slideshows
    Links for the diagram on the left :-
  • Best Practice
  • Cloud Platform Services
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Marts
  • Data Models
  • Data Warehouse
  • KPI Alerts
  • Things to Buy and Sell
    Our current priority is to define a Platform Project
    with a Customer Data Platform as part of our
    "Self-Service Approach to Getting Started with Digital Transformation"
    Our KPI Framework provides a comprehensive
    Approach based on Management by Exception
    delivered over a Mobile phone

    The process is that the Data Warehouse stores
    the data to trigger the Alert.

    The User then drills down to the Data Mart to see
    the details and goes back to the Data Warehouse
    to complete the loop
    Strategy - by October 6th. implement DBA Cloud Architecture with Partners.
  • Partner with ORCL for everything plus BOB - Secret Sauce - contact Lars
    Potential Partners :-
  • Microsoft Index DBA page
  • Oracle Index DBA page
  • Teradata Index DBA page
  • Scurri.
  • Stibo STEP (MDM)
  • Teradata
    Customer Data Platform
    Online Course

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