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    Here we show Barry's Vision and Strategy ...

    Possible Partnerships :-
  • Box Platform for Developers
  • IBM Bluemix Garage in London
  • NetSuite
  • Oracle with Apex and IoT
  • Salesforce
  • New Teaching Materials
    Beginners Level
    1. Data Modelling by Example (Vol 1) on Amazon
    2. Data Warehousing by Example on Amazon
    3. Online Visit to Starbucks for young people
    4. Online Visit to Windsor Castle (UK) for young people
    5. Tourist Guide to Denmark (on Amazon)
    6. Tourist Guide to the Oman (on Amazon)
    7. Types of Models - Conceptual, Logical, Physical.

    Intermediate Level
    1. Data Modelling by Example (Vol 2 on Amazon)
    2. KPIs on the Golf Course
    3. Design Patterns

    Advanced Level
    1. Data Modelling by Example (Vol 3 on Amazon)
    2. Big Data Introduction (WIP)
    3. EDM
    4. HDLM

    Our Work In Progress is (May 1st):-
    1. Claygate Slideshow
    2. ORCL - Digital Universe
      1. Oracle Login
      2. Our Oracle Digital Universe
    3. Platform - POC, OSS (Secret Sauce WP)
    4. Secret Sauce
    5. Consulting - Expertise
    6. Profile - Blogs, Books, LinkedIn/A>
    7. Claygate Slideshow

    Our Work In Progress is (April 1st):-
    1. Platform Project
    2. Entertainment Platform (for Ariadne)
    3. Logistics Platform (including migration to Oracle Cloud)
    4. Trading and Collaboration Platform (for Julie Meyer)
  • Smart Homes (for Ariadne)
  • Toolkits for Smart Homes (for Dave Adams)
  • Problems and Fixing (Timeless in Ashford)
    Hot Topics today are :-
  • Auburn Football
  • Bags and Tags
  • Big Data Tutorial
  • Campaign - Facebook, Glassdoor, Instagram, LinkedIn, Peeple, Twitter.
  • Internet of Things
  • Platform Concept
  • Smart Homes
    Other Activities :-
  • Preparation of Pitch for Money (50k for 6 months)
  • Preparation of Pitch for OSS
  • Presentation on Migration to Oracle Cloud and KPIs for Logistics
    (includes Safyr and my Logistics Canonical Model as temp tgt)
  • Priorities

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