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BMEWS Presentation 5 - Why You Need a Strategy for Data Management 
    Building Blocks in
    our Road Map
Stages in our Road Map Develop a Strategy for Data Management
  • Data Governance - You can be sure that your organisation is fully compliant with all the statutory regulations on data protection and governance
  • Data Governance - You can trust all your data to be accurate and up-to-date when you make your business decisions
  • Data Governance - Your data is protected and secure.

  • Data Governance / Performance Reports - The performance of your organisation is reported correctly and consistently

  • Data Integration - You are provided with a 'Single Version of the Truth' in your organisation
  • Data Integration - You can access any piece of data at any time from any device or location to support decision-making.
  • Information Catalogue - You will know where all your corporate data is stored
    How do you get started ?

  • Step 1. Use our Road Map to check out where you stand in the Maturity Model
  • Step 2. Then plan your own Strategy for Data Management.
  • Step 3. Download our Strategy to help you in your planning.
  • Step 4. Finally, send us an Email to let us know how you get on.

    A variety of different ways of implementing this Data Architecture are available from vendors such as IBM and Oracle.
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