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  Career Qualities for Success

This Section discusses what I consider to be the Qualities for Success in a Career in Enterprise Data Management.
Question : How do I decide which Career path to choose ?
Answers to this question involve the following aspects :-
  • Your own personal qualities
    1. Do you like to work with people more than with technology ?
    2. Do you want to get rich or have fun ?
  • Where you are right now - the 'As-Is' situation
  • Where you want to get to - the 'To-Be' situation This first draft is based on my own experience and I would be pleased to have your comments, so Email me and let me know what you think.

  •   Headings for Qualities for Success
    Stage 5 - Data Governance
    • To be successful in Data Governance it is important to be comfortable working with senior management and to have a clear idea of what is achievable in large organizations and how to establish agreement over overall goals for an enterprise.
      Someone who works in this area is happy to work with senior management and will understand just enough about technology to make an effective contribution and to ensure that the role of technology is used to the maximum effect.

    Stage 4 - BI + Performance Reports
    • Qualities for Success in creating Mashups To be competent in this area of Performance Reporting it is useful to be able to see things from the Userís perspective and formulate the layout and content of the Reports accordingly
      People who are successful working in this area are happy to work with End-Users and formulate Report requirements in a style that can be easily understood and implemented by the developers who might be the Report specialist.
      They are subsequently able to implement the inevitable changes requests by the End-user and manage the expectations of the End-user and developers.
    • Stage 4b - Internet Mashups To be successful in creating Mashups it is necessary to possess a number of qualities :-
    • To have some level of experience as a developer
    • to like to work with user people
    • to enjoy seeing results produced quickly that meet a clearly defined User requirement.
    • to enjoy keeping up-to-date with innovations in fast-moving technology
    • to be able to recognize innovations that are important and have lasting power.

    Stage 3 - Data Marts
    • To be successful in designing Data Marts it is important to have a talent for visualizing the Userís Requirements and for translating this to a formal design of Dimensions and Facts, together with the most important aspect, which is the derivation of the data required from the underlying basic data.

    Stage 2 - Data Integration
    • To be successful in this area it is important to have a clear understanding of the end-to-end process of transforming Source data into Target data and to derive satisfaction from achieving the end-result of seeing good-quality data loaded and available for subsequent analysis and reporting. Someone who works in this area is happy to work with Developers, Managers and End-Users.

      Informatica offers Certification in Data Integration.

    Stage 1 - Data Sources
    • Qualities for Success as a DBA or DB Designer Skills include T-SQL for SQL Server and PL/SQL for Oracle.
      A good Database Administrator (DBA) likes to have responsibility for a clearly defined area, namely a production Database.
      He (or she) is happy to make decisions and defend them against questions from Developers, Managers and End-Users.
      It is useful for a Database Designer to have a DBA background, but is likely to welcome the challenge of interacting with Users, creating a design for a new Database and working with Users to get agreement on the new design.

    Information Catalogue
    • To be successful in maintaining and publishing an Information Catalogue it is beneficial to enjoy detail and to have an interest in ensuring that all interested parties are on the same Page.
      It is also useful to have an eye for detail and to have an appreciation for the way in which the separate Components within the Information Catalogue are interrelated.

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