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CRM Vendors
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Here is a listing of Vendors in order of reported annual Sales in US Dollars:-
1 $1.6 B Siebel Tom Siebel is ex-Oracle and is driven by the same desire to dominate the world.
5 $400 M Vignette Stock plunged 83% in last year, but Vignette has valuable alliances with IBM and PriceWaterhouseCoopers which should pay off in the future.
1 $6 B SAP Expected to do well with strenthend partnership with IBM.
  $400 M BroadVision Losing money and employees every quarter.
  $120 M Kana Merged with BrodaBase early in 2001.
  $127 M e.Piphany Revenues grow but earnings miss expectations by 24%.
  $107 M Interact Focusses on smaller organisations with their SalesLogix product.
  CRM sales not revealed Interact CRM Tools are bundled into 11i e-Business suite, but sales have been disappointing, so Oracle is offering its Small Business Suite.
  $1.7 B PeopleSoft Acquired Vantive in early 2000, and finally released Peoplsoft 8 CRM, and are doing well with sales figures up by 34% in first quarter.

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