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Data Integration Vendors 
This in an introduction to a work in progress showing a range of Vendors offering Enterprise Data Integration Products.

There is a choice between 'Best of Breed' solutions or 'Single Vendor' solutions.

Single Vendor Solutions include IBM Visual Warehouse and Oracle Data Migration Workbench

whereas Best-of-Breed includes Informatica, Data Junction, Adeptia and Metagon.

As a Service Boomi   An exciting new arrival offering Data Integration in the mode of 'Software as a Service'.
e-Commerce for Banks Dorado   Specialises in software for online financial services
Integration Specialists Avellino   Check this out.
Integration Tool Actional Yes "Direct-Connect Integration for Real-Time eBusiness"
Integration Tool Acxiom Abilitec   CRM & Customer Data Integration
Integration Tool New Adeptia   Adeptia say their Integration Suite (AIS) is an enterprise-class software product that is designed to integrate ANY APPLICATION with ANY DATA at ANY LOCATION. It combines process centric and services (SOA) based approach with application and partner integration.
It automates data flows and connects applications using industry-specific standards.
Integration Tool Applix   Avoid this Site - it needs Flash and downloads it without permission
Integration Tool AserA   Provide personalised, real-time information for your users.
Ray Lane (ex-Oracle) is on the board of directors
Integration Tool Blue Martini   Offers tools to integrate online and offline sales channels.
Integration Tool CrossWorlds    
Migration Tool DataJunction No The Market Leader in its Field
Integration Tool Data Mirror   Includes Clickstream Analysis
Integration Tool Epicor   "Epicor Software Corporation is the world's largest enterprise software supplier."
Integration Tool First Logic DMR    
Integration Tool HummingBird ETL    
Integration Tool IBM   IBM Visual Warehouse ,also check out the Business Intelligence Introduction
Integration Tool Mercator    
Integration Tool Metagon Yes Realtime Replication and Transformation
Integration Tool Microsoft DTS    
Integration Tool Neon    
Integration Tool NetMarkets Europe   Looks excellent - and actively marketing in Europe
Integration Tool OmniEnterprise Near Looks good - "Enterprise Data Sharing"
Integration Tool Onyx   Looks good - Integration for Enterprise and CRM
Integration Vendors ??? OpenTrade   "EAI Real-Time Messaging Company"
Integration Tool Oracle   Oracle Data Migration Workbench (also Search for Oracle Data WebHouse).
Integration Tool Periscope N/A 'This groundbreaking tool works with more than 100 databases that utilize a JDBC driver, and makes every data source look like an Oracle Database.'
Produced by TUSC - a highly respected Consulting company specialising in Oracle, who modestly say that TUSC stands for 'The Ultimate Software Company'.
Integration Tool Princeton Softech N/A Princeton Softech's Move for Servers enables relational data subset extraction and migration across different database platforms,including Oracle to DB2 UDB.
Integration Tool Protagona N/A Software products for effective marketing campaigns across all channels.
Integration Tool SAS   Really an OLAP product, but includes some ETL functions.
Integration Tool SeeBeyond   Partners with BroadVision, and offers a Bridge between BroadVision and Siebel.
Integration Tool Symbiator Yes Also looks good
Integration Tool Talarian Yes  
Integration Tool Tibco    
Integration Tool Tilian    
Integration Tool Vitria    
Integration Tool WebLogic DIY WebLogic Developer's Page
Integration Tool WebMethods    
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