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Advertising Systems
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This Page shows small examples of a Glossary of Terms and Business Rules, which are important supporting documentation for a Data Model :-
  • A Glossary of Terms which is recommended so that everyone adopts common jargon.
    Terms shown in Bold also appear as entries in the Glossary.
  • Business Rules

    Channel Format, Media Internet, Print, TV A Channel for delivering Advertisements to the market.
    Format Channel, Media Internet, Print, TV The Format in which Advertisements are delivered to the market.
    Media Channel, Format Internet, Print, TV The Media defines the mode in which Advertisements are delivered to the market.
    Reference Data   Channel Types This is data that never changes.
    It is used to define the range of values which is valid for other Transaction-related data.
    The names of Tables that hold Reference Data begin 'Ref_'.

  • Business Rules
    These Rules define the relationships between the 'Things of Interest' in the Scope of the Data Model.
    For example :-
  • An Agency can place zero, one or many Adverts.
  • A Channel must be of one and only one Channel Type
  • A Marketing Campaign can involve one or many Advertisements.

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