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Area Regulations
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Boschendahl Estate, South Africa A (Dezign) Data Model is available.
The Draft Business Rules have been defined and are listed below.
A. The Area being Modelled is :-
The Regulations within an Area, Region and Country.

B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), include :-
B.1 Areas
B.2 Countries
B.3 Regions
B.4 Regulations
B.5 Topics

C. These THINGS are Related as follows :-
C.1 Many Regulations can be associated with one Area.
C.2 One Regulation can be associated with zero, one or many Topics.
C.3 One Topic can be associated with zero, one or many Regulations.
C.4 The Regulations which apply to an Area can apply just to that Area or 
can be inherited from the Country or Region that the Area belongs to.
They can also be passed by another Area entirely, which is neither the 
Region or any Region or Country that the Area belongs to.

D. Other Characteristics of these THINGS include :- D.1 A Regulation can be passed by one and only one Area. D.2 An Area can typically be a Country or Region within a Country. Barry Williams Principal Consultant Database Answers 15th. November 2002

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