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Assets Maintenance
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Boschendal, South Africa
User Requirements :-
An Assets Maintenance database.

Functional Requirements. 
Authorized Users (Five sales people) should have access to the database to enter a 
new complaint or to edit already opened complaint. 

Those five sales persons can login each time to the diferent computer ( 3 computers). 

Because I should track who opened complaint ( or edited already opened), there is a login problem. 

Each sales person should write to the system ( probably into customers details column), 
details about complaint. When another sales person some other day open the already opened complaint to 
add some aditonal information, new date should be entered and it should be recognized who added 
aditional info about complaint..., 

when the complaint is resolved, some kind of new box is shown on the form, in which person 
can put amount of money we pay back to the customer to resolve a complaint. 

In summary:

The System should track who, when (date, time) has anything to do with new complain or has 
edited already opened, and what information was put into system.

Design Notes :-
This Page defines the Requirements for a Database for physical Assets.
It contains four Sections :
1. Things of Interest
2. How these Things are related
3. Characteristics of these Things
4. User Scenarios

  1. The Things of Interest include :-
    • Component Machine Parts, (this is a List of all Component Parts in all Machines).
    • Contracts
    • Engineer Visits
    • Faults, recorded in a Fault Log.
    • Machines
    • Machine Parts, (these are the specific Parts in a particular Machine).
    • Maintenance Contracts
    • Maintenance Engineers
    • Parts
    • Machine Parts, (these are the specific Parts in a particular Machine).
    • Parts - these are the Component Parts.
    • Part Faults, (these are the Faults that can occur with a specific Part).
    • Skills
    • Staff
    • Third Party Companies

  2. How are these Things related :-
    • A Fault will always be associated with one Machine, and at least one Part of that Machine.
    • A Machine can have one or many Parts.
    • A Part can be associated with one or many Faults.
    • A Part can be associated with one or many Faults.
    • A Member can belong to one and only one Ministry.
    • A Member can have zero, one or many Skills.
    • A Ministry can arrange zero, one or many Activities.
    • Staff are associated with one or many Ministries.
    • Staff can have zero, one or many Skills.

  3. Characteristics of these Things :-
    • A Contract has :-
    • A Start Date and an End Date.

  4. User Scenarios :-

Barry Williams
20th. December 2002
Principal Consultant
Database Answers

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