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Behavior Monitoring
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A Database is to be designed to record Student Behavior Monitoring.

This is the Start of the User specification of the Requirements :-
The Requirement is a system to monitor the behaviour of students within the classroom and around the school. 

Currently they have a paper-based system, which means that teachers are required to fill out a 'Behaviour Incident Report' when a student miss behaves.
They are then either given a break time, lunch time or after school detention depending on how serious or major the incident is.
Their parents may also be informed, which could be achieved in an Access database by producing automatic reports or mail merge with Microsoft Word letter template.

These are the main requirements from this system :-
Allow teachers to report behaviour incidents and give detentions accordingly
Show past, present and future detentions for individual students based on certain date,
current day (today's detentions), next weeks detentions and by teachers so, during
lunch-time which teacher is responible for which students.
Print a report (or slip) that is to be given to the student as a reminder
Print another report (or slip) to be given to individual Teachers, showing the students and their detention or incident summary!
Produce monthly reports summarising the total total incidents report and the detentions given.
This is the End of the User specification of the Requirements.
A. The Things of Interest include :- A.1 Assessments A.2 Detentions A.3 Students A.4 Teachers B. How are they related ? B.1 A DETENTION can be associated with zero, one or many STUDENTS. B.2 A STUDENT can have one or many DETENTIONS.

Barry Williams
21st. February 2007
Principal Consultant
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