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Data Model for Bicycle Rental  
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Bicycle Rental

Question: I'm the grad students of BSC computing and looking for the final project helper. 
I would like to design the online Bicycle rental system and the requirement shown in the below: 
1. The bicycle can pickup at Mutli-shops. 
2. Mutli-shops have there individual cycling track 
3. Restaurant discount under the the Cycling Track (e.g. 10 check point) 
4. Rental date have weekday, weekend and public holidays. 
5. Rental time by hourly and whole day with one fix prices 
6. On-line shop can perform the B2B - buy a new bicycle and keep store in the shop. 
7. Can trade-in-out the parts of the bicycle. 
8. Restaurant discount under the the Cycling Track (e.g. 10 check point).

B. Barry says the Things of Interest are :- 1. Bicycle 2. Cycling Track 3. Multi-Shops 4. Online Shop 5. Renters 6. Restaurant 7. Tracks 8. Others to be determined C. The Business Rules are as follows :- 1. To be determined.

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