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FACTS for a Database for a Bookstore and Warehouses

Bienecke Rare Manuscripts Libray, Yale University

These FACTS define business requirements which the Database must support.
They form the basis for agreement between the User and the Database Designer and are
written in a form of structured English which is clear and unambiguous.
The Draft FACTS
have been defined and are detailed here ...
A. The Area being Modelled is :-
An e-Commerce Web Site for a Bookstore and Warehouses.

Statement of User Requirements (SOUR) :-
The User has defined the requirements in the following terms :-
An internet only bookseller requires a database to keep information on all of its offered books, 
together with their authors, publishers, and warehouse locations where the books are stocked. 

For each publisher, the database must record the publisher code, name, and the publisher’s address(es). 
A publisher can have several different addresses. No two publishers have the same name. 

For each book, the database must record its ISBN code, title, the publisher code, the price, and published format.
Possible formats are: hardback, paperback and/or audioCD. 
Note that for any title published in several formats, each separate format has a distinct ISBN code. 

In addition, the database must record the identity number and name of each of the authors of the book. 
If there is more than one author, they must be listed in the order in which they are listed on the book. 
This may or may not be ordered alphabetically. 

The warehouse location and number in stock at that warehouse are also recorded for each book. 
For each warehouse, the database must record the identity number, the name, the location, and the number 
of employees at that warehouse. 

B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), include :-
B.1 Books
B.2 Book Categories
B.3 Publishers
B.4 Warehouses

C. These THINGS are Related as follows :-
C.1 To be determined.

D. Other Characteristics of these THINGS include :-
D.1 To be determined

E. Sample Data includes :-
To be determined

F. Typical Enquiries include :-
F.1 To be determined

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers
20th. August 2004

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