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Cardia Catheterization Registry   
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The Area being Modelled is :-
A Cardiac Catherization Registry

Rose Darwich writes ... 

Subject: Conceptual Design for a Cardiac Catherization Registry
Question: I want to design a Data model for the "Cardiac Catherization Registry" of a Hospital. 
The form that is filled by the hospital has all the data fields that should be included in the database. 
Fields such as demoghraphics about the patients, Risk factors, Stress test data, diagnostic catheterization procedure and so on.
It has more than 500 fields. 

Do you have any sample Data model that i can follow or use and of course modify to suit my needs ? 

Barry has identified the 'Things of Interest' as follows :-
1. Data Fields in the Registry
2. Patients
4. Others to be determined

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