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Children in Institutions
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Related with the type of child institutions, institutions are under control of the Ministry of Education, 
Ministry of Health and Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population.
Therefore the database should be built in such way that it can cover all these organisations. 

Facts about Children
There are many facts about Children that we can record (and some of these can be a 'Status' field):-
Child Date of Birth
Child Date of Death
Children with special needs
Children deprived from parental care
Street children
Juvenile offenders
Refugee and internally displaced children
Children in institutions
Not registered children
Children in kindergartens
Children at schools
Children in penitentiary

Different kinds of Institution: 
  • Special boarding school for children with mental retardation. Business Rules Here are four 'Business Rules' that apply to the Database ... 1. Children mainly do not move from one institution to another, except cases when children need special care or treatment. Therefore there is a Table called 'Children_in_Institutions' so that we can record movements of children from one Institution to another. 2. There are assigned persons in the institutions to care for children. The number of these persons are less than children, and in some cases one person can care for twenty children. Therefore, there is a Table of Staff and each Child is assigned a member of Staff to care for them. 3. The majority of the children in institutions in Azerbaijan fall into the category of the so-called ‘social orphans’. This means they have at least one parent. It will be appropriate to keep their record as well record of the relatives for de-institutionalization. Therefore we have a Table of 'Relatives' and each Child can be assigned with just one Relative. 4. It is important to keep that track of Children's state of health, in line with recommendation of the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child. Therefore, Tables will be created to record health of children at specific dates and appropriate medical details.
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