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 Flights for Children's Charities
The Area being Modelled is :-
Childrens Charities

This is the start of Jelena's Specifications
A Charity that helps children with serious illnesses needs your assistance. 

This charity focuses on helping children and a family member travel to hospitals, or 
occasionally destinations such as theme parks that the children have requested. 

The charity primarily works with large companies with corporate jets that can often 
squeeze an extra passenger or two on a flight. 

But, many of the corporate flights are unscheduled and fly on short notice. 

Instead of having to call each company (or pilot) on a daily basis, the charity wants 
to set up a Web site. 

Pilots will be able to check for patients who need transportation, and will be able to 
list flights if no patients are currently on the list. 

For security reasons, the Web site will list only basic information on times and cities, 
but the database will contain the additional data. 

The forms shown here list the data the agency wants to collect, but only portions would 
be displayed on a Web site. 

Ultimately, the site would need search capabilities. For example, a search should be able 
to match requests even if the airport is a few miles away or the time is off by a few hours. 

Patients sometimes need additional space for wheelchairs or stretchers, and sometimes fly 
with a nurse or EMT. 

Some patients can fly with almost no advance notice when a flight is available. 
Others need a few days to make arrangements. 

Regardless of how the arrangements are made, the charity will record which children flew on each flight. 

Can you please help me to create a class diagram for this? 

Thank you!!!

B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), include :- B.1 Children B.2 Corporations B.3 Flights B.4 Pilots B.4 Others to be determined C. These THINGS are Related as follows :- C.1 Many Children can take a Flight. D. Other Characteristics of these THINGS include :- D.1 To be determined. E. Sample Data includes :- E.1 To be determined. F. Typical Enquiries include :- F.1 To be determined. Barry Williams April 3rd. 2010 Principal Consultant Database Answers Ltd. London, England
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