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Children's Clinics 
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The Area being Modelled is :-
A Database for Children's Clinics.

The Requirements have been defined by Jean Healy. 

Dear Barry I was on your site looking for a database for a children's clinic for a multidisciplinary team. I don't see anything quite what i had in mind, and wonder if you could throw any light on what I have . to see if I am on the right road. Client Table with primary key as client id first name last name address contact details area DOB Parent's names siblings religion ethnicity file no consent received (y/n) date referred to service date seen date referred on to another service CAMHS Team Member table ID - PK Name Title discipline Referred by Referrer ID Occupation Address Telephone/contact details GP GP id Name, address and contact details School School ID, name of Principal, address and contact details Diagnosis id diagnosis Diagnosis Medication Medication ID Name of Drug child is taking The children are referred in and are either put on hold awaiting further information, or onto a priority or routine waiting list. When they are seen they are referred to as open cases until their case is closed. For stats purposes, we need to submit on a monthly basis how many children were referred each month, how many new patients were seen and how many referred on. I know that I need to create look up tables for the queries, but for example I wanted to see what a child's diagnosis was or which school they attended. Does this mean I have to put a client ID into each of the tables - ie school GP and referrer - or should this be . through a separate look up table - and if so how I really appreciate any help you can give me - and if I am on the right track Many thanks Jean
Barry has defined the 'Things of Interest' as follows :- A.1 Children A.2 Clinics A.3 Medication A.4 Reports A.5 Others To Be Determined

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