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Boschendahl Estate, South Africa A Conceptual Data Model is available.
The Draft Business Rules have been defined and are listed below.
A. The Area being Modelled is :-
A Web Site providing Hotel Information.

B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), include :-
B.1 Bookings
B.2 Cinemas
B.3 Cinema Chains
B.4 Customers
B.5 Customer Groups
B.6 Movies
B.7 Movie Ratings
B.8 Seats
B.9 Seat Categories
B.10 Seat Prices

C. These THINGS are Related as follows :-
C.1 A MOVIE must have one and only one MOVIE_RATING.
C.2 A CINEMA can be associated with zero or one CINEMA_CHAIN.

D. Other Characteristics of these THINGS include :-
D.1 A CUSTOMER can make zero or many BOOKINGS.
D.2 A CUSTOMER_GROUP can make zero or many BOOOKINGS.
D.3 A BOOKING can consist of one or many SEATS.
D.4 A BOOKING can involve an agreed discounted SELLING_PRICE.
D.6 A SEAT can be in one and only one SEAT_CATEGORY.
D.7 A SEAT has a recommended PRICE, which depends on the CATEGORY. 

E. Sample Data includes :-
To be determined

F. Typical Enquiries include :-
F.1 Where is Harry Potter playing in London, England ?

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
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20th. September 2002

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