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City Hall Cerificate Registration
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This is the Start of the User specification of the Requirements :-

A Database is required to support Registration of Certificates by City Hall.

These Certificates can include Birth, Death, Marriage and so on.

The following Notes are a fuller description of a somewhat related requirement. The organizational structure reflects the services that the Customer Portal has to perform. Different kinds of Document are handled by 4 different Departments :- 1) Licence Managment Department - services include new licence, issue, block . organize test, etc. 2) Finance Department - services include pay fee against licence application, pay fee against cars etc. 3) Car Registration Department - services include register cars, change registration, etc. 4) Customer Support Department. These 4 departments offer different services for online customers :- 1) Driving Licences where the Customer goes to the Portal and makes an application for a Driving Licence. This involves :- * Theory test date reservation * practical test date reservation etc. 2) The Customer can pay Application Fee using the online payment system. * Pay a fee against license application * Pay a fee for car Registration 3) Car Registration is supported by a Web-based application :- * car registration etc.... 4) customer suport is also supported by a web-based application :- * the person who will be on the seat responds to the cutomer by viewing his profile.

Barry Williams
26th. December 2007
Principal Consultant
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