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Data Models for the Claygate Data Platform   
We would be glad to have your comments, and here is the CDP for Google .
Our village is mentioned as "Claigate" in the Domesday Book in the year 1086.

Claygate Data Platform

Conceptual Data Model for the Claygate Data Platform
The Method
The Method consists of three simple Rules :-
Rule 1. Identify the 'Things of Interest'.
Rule 2. Establish how they are related.
Rule 3. Define what else we know about them.

Applying the Method

Step 1. Identify the 'Things of Interest'.
Things of Interest are Locations and Events.

Step 2. Establish how they are related.
The Rules that define their relationship are :
Rule 1. A Location can host zero or many Events.
Rule 2. An Event is always associated with a specific Location.

At this point, we can create the Conceptual Model, which we show on the left.
Then we think about the Logical Model and realise that there is a One-to-Many Relationship between Locations and Events.
The Logical Model.
Now we can create the Logical Model showing the Key fields, which we show on the right.

Step 3. Define what other Facts we know about them.
Fact 1. We know that Locations and Events will always have names.

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