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Communities by Philip Greenspun
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Here is the Project submitted to MIT 6.171
1) The purpose of this Page is to help readers of Philip Greenspun's best-selling book called "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing",(ISBN 1-55860-534-7) - (Alex is Philip's dog).

2) His book is now in its second edition, and consistently gets a 5-Star rating on Amazon.
Last time I checked, over 200 people had submitted reviews to Amazon.

3) An Access Database and Scripts to create Oracle Tables are available if you are getting started using Philip's work.
If you would like to collaborate by sharing your experiences with these Models, please contact us.

4)This page shows the complete Data Model, and Models for specific Areas are shown on other pages.
The material is all taken from Chapter 3 in the Book, and page numbers are provided so that you can check the original. I have reproduced the Models exactly, except that I have added tables of Reference data for completeness, because , as a professional Data Modeller, I find it impossible not to.

5) The Data Model on this Page shows only Key fields for Tables so that it can fit on to one Page.

6) Separate Data Models have been created for each Module in Chapter 3 of Philip's Book :-

Dezign Data Model for Communities by Philip Greenspun

Barry Williams
January 21st. 2003
Principal Consultant
Database Answers

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