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Community Groups and Workers
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The Specifications
The Specifications were defined by Andy in an email received on May 17th. 2009 
(Andrew Coulter rac373 (at)

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am a mature student and community worker who is currently studying relational 
database systems and I am trying to develop a relatively complex conceptual data model 
and logical schema from the requirements given below. At present I am having problems 
in finding academic papers and CDM models that relate to the requirememt's domain of discourse. 
I am also having difficulty in developing a entity-relationship model with what I believe are 
rather complex supertype and subtype entities. 

The relational database is for a locally based community initiative which forms an umbrella 
organisation made up of five local community groups and resident associations. 
It aims to provide those Groups and the people they represent with free access to educational 
and skills-based resources and training covering a wide range of topics involving all age groups 
and genders 


The initiative requires a database to record the details, performance and progress of its staff, 
volunteers, local Residents and Group Members, along with all of the Projects and Programmes 
that it provides and caters for. 

Information about each Staff member is initially recorded on the day they accept the terms of 
their employment. This includes their national insurance number, name, address, telephone number, 
gender, date-of-birth, job title, weekly hours and location. Since, a staff memberís Position is 
funded by one of the initiativeís Funding Organisations (for a limited period of time only), details 
including the Funder, start date and contract duration need to be recorded. 

Also, each staff member may or may not enrol on, participate in, facilitate or be the administrator 
of one or more projects or programmes at any given time. 

Details on residents and volunteers including their name, address, telephone number, gender, date-of-birth, 
attendance and allocated placements which need to be recorded on the day they enrol and/or volunteer. 
There is also a need to record information on their previous experience and any qualifications (such as 
first aid or child protection certificates) that they may have. 

A participant and/or volunteer may or may not enrol on or participate in one or more projects or programmes 
at any given time. In order to volunteer for a placement where the work may involve children or young people, 
a volunteer must hold a valid first aid and child protection certificate. 
These certificates must be renewed every three years. 

Records need to be kept about the five member groups including the group name, address, telephone number and 
office bearers, as well as the details of each of its members including their name, address, date-of-birth, 
telephone number and gender. 
Members of each group may or may not be office bearers in their own group. Group members may or may not enrol 
on or participate in one or more of the projects or programmes at any given time. 

Details need to be recorded about the initiative's executive committee which is made up of the five member groups. 
This includes each committee memberís name, address, associated group name, date-of-birth, gender, telephone number 
and position held. 

No more than two members - who must be office bearers in their own group - from each of the five groups may or 
may not sit on the executive committee. These executive committee members may or may not be office bearers. 

Information needs to be recorded about funders including their unique identification number, name, address, 
telephone number and the names of those people who are in contact with the initiative. Also, details on the areas, 
staff, projects and programmes that they fund need to be recorded along with the funding amount, budget, duration, 
title and start date. 

The initiative also needs to keep details of all the projects and programmes that it provides or caters for including 
their code, title, quotas, location, start date, duration, funder, budget, facilitator, start time, end time, 
qualification, days held and participant details. Records on qualifications achieved by all of the participants on 
projects and courses need to be kept. 

The name, address, telephone number, contact names and details of the initiative's main contacts (partnerships) 
need to be kept. 

Also, the details of all meetings attended by staff members including the title, frequency, agenda, date, start time, 
duration, location, funder, minutes and the names of those participating need to be recorded. 

Each project or programme must be funded by one or more funders, managed by one or more administrators and presented 
by one or more facilitators. 

Staff, group members and volunteers may or may not be project or programme facilitators. 

Projects and programmes may or may not include a qualification. 


I would really appreciate any help, such as, related examples, links to academic papers or help with the E-R diagram 
that you may be able to give. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this e-mail and I hope that you can help me in some way, no matter 
how small. 

Yours sincerely 


The Things of Interest are :-
  • Communities
  • Funding Organisations
  • Groups
  • Programmes and Projects
  • Skills
  • Staff
  • Training Resources
  • Volunteers
  • Workers
How are these Things related ? :-
  • Workers can be involved with zero, one or many Communities.
The Business Rules state :-
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD
Barry Williams Principal Consultant Database Answers Ltd. London, England
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