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This Page shows the Glossary of Terms which is proposed so that everyone adopts common jargon.
Terms shown in Bold also appear as entries in the Glossary.

Component Part, Product   An element which can form part of another Component, or a final assembled piece of Equipment.
Consumables   Gas, Hydraulic fluid, sand. Commodities which are purchased and used in the field during operation of the Equipment in Construction.
They may also be used during manufacture of the Equipment. This is to be confirmed by Mark.
Equipment Part   An Item of Equipment is always made in-house, and never purchased.
Manufacturer Suppliers   Commercial organizations that manufacture and may also supply, Components and Consumables.
Materials   Aluminum Commodities that are always purchased, and used in manufacturing Items of Equipment.
Part Component   A Term used to refer to many different things. For example, an Item that can be bought in or made. A Part is not an Item of Equipment.
Product Component, Part.   Can be a Component from a Vendor, as well as a manufactured item of Equipment.
Suppliers Vendors   Organizations that supply Components or Items that are purchased. A Supplier can be a Vendor or a Manufacturer.
Vendors Suppliers   Commercial organizations that supply, but do not manufacture, Components and Consumables.

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18th. February 2003
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