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FACTS for the Data Model for a Consultant Search Web Site
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Original Requirements from the User :-

We are acting as an administrator that have database of consultants from thoudands of sites across the web. 
Our model is simple:-
  • Organization (in this case acts as a partner) with an interest in helping their employees and associates to sell their consulting sevices (consultant), pay a modest listing fee for each individual consultant to be included in our (administrator) database.
  • Administrator's partner provides seach links from their web site to our (administrator) database as a benefit to those who visit the partner sites. We need these entities: 1. Administrator 2. Partner 3. Consultant 4. Seacher/User The things of interest are: 1. Administrator 2. Partner 3. Partner Web sites 4. Seach links 5. Profile 6. Searcher/User 7. Consultant 8. Slot Business rules: 1. Partner register to administrator in order to get how many slot they want. 2. Partner has one or many consultants. 3. Each consultant only has one slot. 4. Slot is contained for consultant's profile. 5. Partner has to pay to the administrator according to how may slots they ask. 6. Consultant has to pay to partner. 7. User can search in administrator's website at the advanced search listing of all consultants within preferences. 8. Partner also has a contract with the administrator regarding to what the expiration date to log in to the administrator's web site. They get the account number and the username and password by the time they pay to admnistrator. 9. The administrator needs to know the results of seach according to the hit count, how many users go to the consultants web site and how many is failed.

  • We need a Data Model for a proposed Web Site for Consultant Search.
    The proposed Web Site will provide access to the worldwide Database of Consultants from 
    thousands of Partner Web Sites across the Web. 
    These Partners Web Site will use the proposed Web Site to sell their consulting services, 
    and will pay a modest listing fee for each individual consultant to be included in the 
    Consultant Database.
    The Partners will provide search links from their Web Sites to the my database, as a 
    benefit to those who visit the partner sites. 
    The Things of Interest are :-
    1) Consultants
    2) Partners
    3) Partners Web Sites
    4) Search Links
    5) Skills
    Business Rules :-
    1) Consultants can be listed on one or more Partner Web Sites.
    2) A Partner provides one or many Search Links.
    3) A Partner pays a Fee for each Search Link displayed on the Web Site.

    Barry Williams
    Principal Consultant
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