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FACTS for the Data Model for Contacts and Products
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A Conceptual Data Model is also available.

A very simple contacts database to list company products, company profiles and 
communications with that company. 

A. What are the Things of Interest in the area being modelled :-
A.1 Company Profiles.
A.2 Communications.
A.3 Contacts - a person authorised by the Company to communicate on their behalf.
A.4 Our Employees
A.5 Products.

B.How are they related ?
B.1 A COMPANY offers one or many PRODUCTS.
B.2 A COMMUNICATION is always with either one COMPANY or one CONTACT.
B.3 A COMMUNICATION can be made by zero or one of OUR_EMPLOYEES.
B.4 A COMMUNICATION can relate to zero or one PRODUCT.
B.5 A COMMUNICATION always has one of a defined set of OUTCOMEs.
B.6 A COMMUNICATION always has a defined STATUS.
B.7 A PRODUCT can be offered by one and only one COMPANY.

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
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