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Data Model for a Corporate Intranet
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This Page shows the General Approach would be applied to define the FACTS or Business rules for the Corporate Intranet.

The Area being Modelled is :-
A corporate intranet to display the standards and policies of the company on the intranet.
The intranet is a secure intranet with different registered users having only select access rights to the data.

Things of Interest in this Area :-
1.USERS             - Different registered users with different ACCESS RIGHTS to Files which are 
                      identified by FILE REFERENCES
2.FILE_REFERENCES   - Reference to each and every data (HTM and other) files stored in the intranet.
3.FUNCTIONAL_AREAS  - The different functions areas in THE COMPANY, such as Technical, Marketing, Management, etc.
                      Each USER belongs to one and only one FUNCTIONAL_AREA.
4.ROLES             - Roles played by the users in the company, such as Project manager, marketing representative, etc.
                      USERS have ROLES but a USER can have only one ROLE at a time.
5.KEY PROCESS AREAS - The Key Process Areas of the company, such as Application development, sub contracting, 
                      Value added products, etc.
                      Each ROLE is assigned one or more KPA.
6.PROCEDURES        - Different procedures to be followed while executing a particular project.
                      For example, a Procedure for effort estimation
                      These PROCEDURES are grouped under one or more KPAs.

In a later phase, a channelling system will be incorporated wherein different PROPOSALS 
submitted by the USERS will go to appropriate higher level AUTHORITIES.
For example, a PROPOSAL submitted by a SOFTWARE DEVELOPER goes to the PROJECT MANAGER.
Then the manager either accepts or rejects the proposal.

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