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Data Model for Criminal Record Keeping 
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Subject: Criminal Record Keeping

Question: I would like to know how can i make a er diagram for a criminal record Project Description 

The government of the Republic of Wonderland has tasked you as an expert database programmer to 
improve their current manual criminal record keeping in their Ministry of Justice. 

All criminal records are currently recorded manually, 

this process is quite tedious as you may imagine and not reliable as it happened in the past that a 
number of case documents went missing. 

Your task is to design and implement a case database management system that fulfills these general 
requirements listed below: 

1. The prosecutor should be able to create a new case based on the docket provided by the police officer. 
   The docket contains all the relevant information about the complainant and the accused person 
   (e.g. ID, name, residential physical address, telephone, etc), date of arrest, whether or not finger 
   prints has been taken, type of case (e.g. criminal or civil) and type of offence (e.g. if it?s criminal 
   it could be stock theft, rape, robbery, assault, etc and if it?s civil could be divorce, maintenance, 
   defamation of character, etc) 

   The prosecutor should also indicate which magistrate office it is (e.g. Gobabis, Windhoek, Keetmanshoop, etc) 
   and then specify in which court the matter is to be heard (e.g. court A, court B, court C), 
   enter the date of hearing and the names of the people that would be involved in the case the Magistrate, 
   Prosecutor, Interpreter, Investigation Officer and at least one witness. 
   Once all the required information is captured a case record number (CRN) is automatically generated by the system. 

2. If the prosecutor wants to add another accused person on the same case, she / he should be able to search the 
   case using the CRN and then update that case accordingly 

3. The magistrate then update the case status as the case proceed to; convicted, acquitted / not guilty, 
   postponed to a specific date and the reason for postponement, bail granted, withdrawn and the time taken for the 
   court session. 

4. The minister would like the system to generate the following reports for statistical analysis:  Hours spent, 
   should display the total hours spent on each type of case, 
   the case type should be inputted by the user  
Display the most type of offence reported so far Page 3 of 3  

Chronological display of the type offence that most people are most convicted off 
Barry Williams
August 27th. 2011
Principal Consultant
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