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Data Model for Customer Management Systems 
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Subject: Database for Customer Management Systems

Question: Hello Sir, Even though this is my very first question to you, I have been your great 
fan from the day I discovered you site about two years ago. 

I have been using your site as a resource, and I want to encourage you to keep with the good work!! 

I am a PHP/MySQL developer. I recently finished a dynamic database driven website for a Mortgage Processor company. 

They are very happy with my work, and they gave me another project that's where I am little stuck. 

If you could guide me in a right direction, it could change my life. 

They want to develop a Customer Management System which will do the following things at the minimum: 
1. It will keep track of their all the customers, 
2. Keep track of their all the employees + agents who are spread over few different countries 
3. This system will be managed by a group of people who has different permission level. 
4. The same system will be used as marketing tool for their customers and prospects 
5. Prospect is a person who is not customer yet but their information is saved into the database because 
   they interact with the company's website. 
6. This system will generate and email a monthly report to each customer. 
   The report date may vary based on few rules. 
7. The system will also send a payment reminder to all the customers certain days before the payment is due. 
8. This system will have a internal messaging system so that all the logged in agents and employees can chat with with each-other. 
9. The Customers can securly log in the system and see their statement, and may change some of their personal details. 
   These are the main features of the system. 

Please me! What kind of database design do I need. 
If there is any good resource about programming CRM, that would be great. 

Thanks in advance. 

B. Barry says the Things of Interest are :- 1. System Controllers 2. Customers 3. Monthly Reports 4. Parents 5. Payments 6. Permissions 7. Prospects C. The Business Rules are as follows :- 1. To be determined.

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