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Data Model for Online Bookings and Campaigns   

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This page defines the Business Rules that the Data Model must comply with to support an operational Database.
A. What are the Requirements ?
A.1 A Company is being formed to buld an e-Commerce business selling gourmet snacks over the Internet.  
They want to build up a customer database so that they can provide special 
advertising e-mails with special offers.  

A.2 Customer Orders will be tracked.  
Customers' preferred method of payment also needs to be stored, so that it 
doesn't need to be reentered every time an order is placed.  

A.3 An on-line catalog of product offerings will be provided.  
A.4 Products  are grouped into three different categories, so that they can be offered by 
product type, based on special holiday, or based on a special event.  
A.5 A Customer can order any number of items in a single order, and can also select 
the method of shipment for the goods and appropriate charges will be added.  
A.6 When the order is complete, an invoice is generated which will be e-mailed to the customer.  
After payment is received, the order data is then archived for future analysis.  

B. What are the Things of Interest ?
B.1 Customers
B.2 Orders
B.3 Products

C. How are they Related ?
C.1 Customers place Orders.
C.2 An Order can be associated with one or many Order Items.
C.2 Order Items can be shipped separately.

D. What else do we know about them ?
D.1 An Order can be Open, Delivered, or have different Items Shipped or Cancelled.

Barry Williams
26th. April 2003
Principal Consultant
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