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Data Model for Customers and Jobs 
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Subject: I'm running a PC Repair business and I need a customer/job database

Question: Hiya, I have been running my mobile PC repair business for nearly two and a half years and 
have been keeping customer records in Excel, 
it's clunky, but I can produce invoices as I need them. 
It's really a job database with customers appearing several times if I have had repeat business. 
There is no easy way to tie all the jobs for a single customer together, which makes my work harder and
the service the customer receives isn't as good as it could be either. 

I would like to be able to do a quick check when a customer calls and know their details and the work I
have . for them in the past. 

I have about 1,000 records that I would like to import from Excel. 

Ideally as I am mobile, I would like to have a web interface, so if necessary I can login and obtain 
this information while I'm out and about (I have a hosting account that has all the necessary SQL abilities). 

I don't mind paying a reasonable amount for a good solution and I can see that you have a huge quantity of sample databases that might fit the bill, 
but I wouldn't know whether I had chosen the best one from your list. 

It has to be easy to use, with a simple interface, so that rather than manually writing a customer job sheet then having to input it into Excel, 

I am more inclined to type their details straight into the database. 

I guess my questions are therefore: 
1. Do you have something on the shelf that would fit? 
2. If not is there a way to get you to create something for a reasonable price? 

Thanks in advance 


B. Barry says the Things of Interest are :- 1. Customers 2. Invoices 3. Jobs 4. Others to be determined C. The Business Rules are as follows :- 1. To be determined.

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