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Data Model for Dell Computer Sales 
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Subject: Dell Computer Sales
Subject: Table Design

Question: Hi, I have designed a database for a client in MySQL who sell computer systems. 
It?s been some years since I used to do this and I have slowly managed to get my head round PHP 
however as we move forward I think the table design is flawed. 

The majority of products are Dell systems and therefore have a Dell service tag, which means I 
am having to store a lot of information per item. 

However when the item sells it will never be needed again. He is now wanting to add printers and 
screens to the database, 

which will cause a problem, because they don't have a tag and can be in multiple quantities, they 
will have a serial number which I can store at sale time. 

Currently we store all sales activities in the product table also because the products were individual 
based on the tag no. 

Now that's not going to be the case. 

What I'm asking is: 
have you come across anything like this before, so that you could point me in the general direction. 

Also the dell systems currently cover desktops, servers, laptops and workstations, soon to be added are 
screens, printers, scanners, mice etc which as I said will have quantities whereas the others don't. 

products prod_ID tag combined_ID cpu cpuDetail cpuType ram ramDetail hd hdDetail optical opticalDetail 
video videoDetail raid raidDetail screen screenDetail os osDetail wireless bluetooth colour grade 
addition1 addition2 addition3 description showHide cost sell purchaseDate stockDate saleDate saleRep 
customerName invoiceNo warrantyDays stockCode batch reservedBy reservedDate reservedFor orderRep orderFor 
orderDate orderNo history status isDeleted bin_location webcam webcamDetail deaneTag combined ID 
manufacturer systemType series model formFactor display.

B. Barry says the Things of Interest are :- 1. Customers 2. Products 3. Sales C. The Business Rules are as follows :- 1. To be determined.

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