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Dieter Decision Support System   

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The Area being Modelled is :-
Diet Decision Support System.

Question: I'm in the middle of designing what I call a Diet Decision Support System, 
that will help users to optimize their diet. 

I'm using MS Access to create a database that will store the nutrition values of various foods. 

The user will be required to create parameters, such as total calories, target fat %, target protein %, 
and target carbohydrate %. 

As the user logs their food consumption, a query will then recommend food for them to eat based on the 
nutrition values of the food compared to the nutrition values of their current consumption values for that day. 

I'm wondering if you have any data models already developed that would be a close fit to the requirements of my idea? 

Barrys says The Things of Interest incliude :-
  • Daily Nutrition Requirements
  • Foods
  • Nutrition Categories

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