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Requirements for A Database for a Dietician's Practice

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This Page defines the Requirements for a Database for a Dietician.
It contains four Sections :
1. Things of Interest
2. How these Things are related
3. Characteristics of these Things
4. User Scenarios
  1. The Things of Interest include :-
    • Clients
    • Appointments
    • Diets
    • Dietary Products
  2. How are these Things related :-
    • A Client can make and cancel zero or many Appointments
    • An Appointment is made for a Dietician by a Client.
    • An Appointment is for a specified Date, Time and Duration.
    • A Client can be in a specified Diet.
    • Over a period of time, a Client can be assigned a number of Diets.
  3. Characteristics of these Things :-
    • A Client has :-
    • First Name, Last Name, Address, Home Phone Number, Email Address, Height, Weight, Date of Birth, Current Weight, Desired Weight, current Diet.
  4. User Scenarios :-
    1. The Dietician can select a Client Name from a List and see the Appointments for the Client.
    2. Then the User clicks on a Client Name to seee the current situation.

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
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