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Document Control Systems
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The Requirements have been defined as follows by Thomas Hamper :-
Subject: Database for a document control system
Question: I looked at the designs in the data models and did not seem to think that they were suitable for my project. 

Here are my requirements 
1. The system needs to track documents. 
   A document can be a physical paper, a CD, a hard drive etc. 
2. A document can have multiple drafts, so there should be a common field for all the drafts and a uniqe one to differentiate them. 
   Each draft can then have further copies. 
   The copies will have the same draft number, but each copy can be circulated to different people. 
3. Some documents (items) received from outside the organization will need to be associated with their receipt date and the receipt 
   number (like a ups or fedex tracking number) 
4. A document can have only one status at a time, suck as it is circulated to an employee or it has been mailed externally to a 
   mailing address code. 
5. The documents can be circulated to an employee. 
   I need to track the circulation history 
6. Any change made to a document needs to be tracked along with what user made the change. 

   What would be a good design schema for such an application ? 

  • Barry says The Things of Interest are :-
  • Addresses
  • Changes
  • Documents
  • Document Types
  • Drafts
  • Employees

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