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How to set-up JRun for Oracle
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1) Your sub domain has been configured for the use of Tomcat for java

2) Connection from .jsp to oracle:

i.e. ...

2) Add all necessary drivers for JDBC connection pool in our Java Engine.

3) Refer to this document for implementation for your JDBC connections:

4) Tomcat Configuration:
   /home/barryw/public_html/answers- your tomcat virtual directory, 
   any .jsp files placed here will automatically reload.
I have done this.

5) You can call jsp page using :-
This is on the GMI Systems Home Page :- for Dmitry's ShowBook.
Dmitry's ShowBook

6) Location of your web.xml file 
   (this is the main configuration file for servlets) :-
Copied web.xml

7) We made sample configuration for one servlet follow the same 
   pattern as this entry to map your servlets

8) You must request us by email to restart tomcat whenever you update your
      web.xml file (send email to  subject: "restart tomcat on doit")
Not done yet.

9) The location of your class files is :-
Copied Dmitry's class files.

10) You may call a servlet in the 
   /home/barryw/public_html/answers/WEB-INF/classes directory 
   the following way 
   or  how ever you map it in web.xml
Barry doesn't know what to do here !!!

11) Your taglibs goes here :-
Barry doesn't know what to do here either !!!

from :-
   Scorpions Communications, Inc.
   Customer Service:

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