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Boschendal Estate, South Africa
There are a number of Database-driven Tutorials

A variety of Content Management, Data Entry and Display facilities are available and shown below.
Here is a series of Useful Links :-
Physical Data Model Shows Content held in 'Books', 'Chapters' etc. Tables.
Data Entry - DB2 to be determined.
Data Entry - MySQL Admin from Anthony - shows data in the 'tutorial' Table.
Data Entry - Oracle to be determined.
Display - DB2 needs work.
Display - MySQL from Peter Imes -
uses Tutorial Table but needs hard-coded Tutorial Code replaced by parameter,
also needs matching data in 'chapters' Table.
Display - Oracle DisplayDocuments.jsp from Dmitry - List of Tutorials -
uses documents2, chapters2, sections2, paragraphs2.
Display - Oracle ShowBook.jsp from Dmitry - currently shows Instal 9I.