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Dog Kennels

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Specifications for a Dog Kennels are the following:

Milos, a member of the Database Answers Community added the following suggestions :- Hi Barry, I think it would be very useful to add Kennels,dogs staying in Kennels and payments. Tell me please is the payment relates to the payment of services in kennel or is it the payment for dogs if someone wants to buy a dog? Perhaps it would be good to add the Service charge and the Price of dogs If the kennel have dogs for sale. We can also add exhibitions or titles of dogs. Titles would affect the price of the dog. What do you think about it? Best regards, Milos
- the kennel receives abandoned animals(only dogs) that can be adopted and animals that are brought by people who have nowhere to leave their pets when they are out for some reason - the maximum capacity of the kennel is 30 dogs - there are employees responsible for collecting the abandoned animals on the streets, veterinarians specialized in dogs,an employee that registers the abandoned dogs,the adopted dogs and the ones that are delivered by is owners to the institution(receptionist). Last but not least there are other emplyees that take care of the pets and their basic needs(give them bath,play with them,taking them for a walk,etc.) - the kennel has 4 divisions: one for medical care for the dogs(where consultation and treatment takes place), and other 3 for each size of the animals (little size,medium size,big size). - all animals that are delivered to the institution automatically have the right to medical attention - the owners leave their pets on the institution giving away their personal information(name,adress,etc.) - the information about the dogs(name,breed,size,weight,age,etc.) is also supplied - after the "check in" the dog is watched by the instituion's veterinarian, who observes him, by means of a vacination bulletin - the date when the owner will get his animal is registered.When the owner returns to the kennel to bring home his pet he will then pay for the stay in the kennel. - the collection of the abandoned dogs takes place at Wednesdays and Sundays at 10 o'clock and those animals are later registered by an employee and sent to the vets for observation. - regarding the adopted dogs, is made and adoption registration, registrating the name of the family,address,contact.,etc. I hope you can help me with my data model based on these specifications I gave you! It would be really helpful! Thanks in advance for the reply!
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