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The Requirements have been established by Jim in the following terms :-

Hi Barry,

Today is my lucky day that I found your web site. 
Your examples are great. 
I am trying to design a Access 2003 database for my office. 

The database would list all employees, job series code, pay grade, division, 
date of birth, date of assignment, date of hire. 
It wold also track all promotions, their pay increases, their awards, their 
personal contact information and the the personal contact information for their emergency contact.

Do you have an example available for a database similar to the above ? 
I'm having problems knowing what tables to make and what the relationships need to be.

Keep up the great work and thanks again for coming to the assistance of beginners like me.


Barry says :-
The major Thing in the Data Model is the Employees Entity.
There is a one-to-many Relationship between Employees and Events.

This means that an Employee can be involved in many Events during their period of employment.

These Events can include Assignment to Jobs, receiving Awards, taking Holidays and having Performance Reviews.
Performance Reviews will include Promotions and Pay Increases. 

This approach makes this a very simple and powerful design because additional Events can be added very simply 
and the basic design remains unchanged.

Barry Williams
June 7th. 2009
Principal Consultant


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