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Employment Agencies
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Requirement is a Database of Employment Agencies.
The Statement of Requirements defined by the User is as follows ...
An employment database is required to maintain a listing of Employment agencies
with details of website, head office, subsidiary offices and contact persons at each local office. 

Companies are categorised, for example "Administration", "IT", "Tutoring" depending on what kind of 
employment they specialise in. 

Some agencies may have only Administration jobs on offer, however other agencies may offer Administration 
jobs and IT jobs on offer- so they need multiple categories on the database. 

So far I have created approx 5 tables:-
   National- contains all the national contact details for the company eg website, national ph no. or email,
             my rating of the company as a whole etc. EG Adecco,,, 
             4 out of 5 rating. 
   Local   - contains the contact details:-
             address, ph no., email etc of a local office 
             EG. 1 York St Sydney City,, 
             and 1 arthur st Parramatta,, and 
                 1 elizabeth St Chatswood, etc. etc. 
   Local Employment Consultant :- 
             contains the Employment Consultants contact details for a particular local office. 
             Eg. Mary Black,, ph 9999 4444, and John Wright, 
        ph 9450 5555 etc.etc. 

I want to put this in a separate table so if the staff contact changes I can simply update that record only
- rather than having this data embedded in the above local office table. 

Furthermore some local offices may have 2 or 3 Employment Consultants that I can contact for employment.

Category- I have a number associated to each category eg 1- Admin, 2-IT, 3- Child Care...etc 
I want to be able to do a query on Admin agencies only, or IT agencies only. 

National/Category- I created this table to link the National table to the Category table- 
because I need to be able to choose multiple categories for some of the Employment Agencies. 

B. Things of Interest :-
B.1 Agencies
B.2 Contacts
B.3 Local Offices

C. How are they related ?
C.1 An Agency can have zero, one or many Contacts.

Barry Williams
15th. September 2004
Principal Consultant
Database Answers


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