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ERP is a very broad area, and a comprehensive detailed ERP Data Model is a substantial undertaking, which is beyond the scope of this Page. If you need a detailed Model, please contact us to see if we can help you. There are some major players in this area, including SAP, PeopleSoft and Oracle.
Anyone who has looked at a SAP Data Model will know that it is very difficult to understand, partly because the Tables have German names, and partly because the names are typically coded, such as T6JC3.
You can get great help from a product called Saphir, from Silwood Technology, which presents Metadata and Data Models from SAP, J.D.Edwards and Peoplesoft.

The purpose of the ERP Model on this Page is to provide an overview which can be used to facilitate discusison about the requirements in this area within any particular organization.
This Overview is generic so it could be used to clarify the requirements before evaluating a specific vendor's solution.

Data Migration to an ERP :-
Defining a Consolidated Business Data Model provides a perspective which is not vendor-specific.
The Migration can be made easier by designing this Consolidated Model so that it maps easily and directly on to specific ERPs, such as SAP.
Our approach has been to define a Top-Level overview, with links to more detailed Models in each Functional Area.
You should start with the Top-Level Model, and then review Models for Functional Areas :-
  1. A range of Customer Models
  2. The HR Model
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Maintenance Contracts
  5. Management Information :-
    1. Financial Information Portal
    2. KPIs and Standard Operating Procedures
  6. A range of Production Models :-
There is also a Glossary of ERP Terms to define exact meanings of words in common use.
An Access Database is available on demand.

Barry Williams
20th. February 2003
Principal Consultant
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