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Data Model for Events and Staff Training 
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A. The requirement is to design a Database to keep track of Events and Staff Training

Email on February 2nd. 2011
Hello Barry

I do have some very slight knowledge of Access and have recently purchased MS Office Pro 2010.

Having looked through your very extensive website I have noted some models which seem quite 
close to what I am looking for but not quite.  

However, to a first timer it is a little overwhelming at this stage.

I want to set up a database to record and report on specific Events as they occur.  

Involved in each event there will be Staff (of various status) and Participants.

With a total of approx. 300 Staff and 1060 Participants, events can happen on a daily basis 
and can involve any number of Staff or Participants but usually will be several Staff and one Participant.

In order to manage an event, all Staff need to be annually trained and within date, ie, they must have been
trained within the last 12 months. 

This needs to be managed from within the database so I need to record the date trained and when due for the
next training session.

Whenever an event takes place, I need to record details of the event, who managed it and who participated in it.  

If I am correct , I am thinking that I would need at least four tables, :-
Events, Staff, Participants and Training.  

(Two people tables because different information would be recorded about each)

I could then set up a form that will pull all of the details together but I also want to be able to report 
on what events individual Staff and Participants have been involved in etc.

As this is my first go at building a DB, could you please advise if I am at least on the right track and 
any advice on how to link the tables would be very much appreciated.

Regards, Rob

A. The Things of Interest are :-
   A.1 Events
   A.2 Staff
   A.3 Training
   A.4 Others, to be determined

B. How are they related ?
   B.1 Staff can be involved on zero, one or many Events.
   B.2 An Event can involve one or many members of Staff.
   B.3 Staff take Training
   B.4 Others to be determined.

Barry Williams
February 2nd. 2011
Principal Consultant
Database Answers


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