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Families and Wills
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The Area being Modelled is :-
Families and Wills

This is a Statement of the User Requirements.

Question: I want to normalize a huge flat database that deals with 
the entire family tree and all the assignements in a will with text 
agreement features for pronouns plurals and possesives. 
all this data eventually ends up in a merge document to a wordprocessor form. 
my family members are assigned to assignment posts in the will.
executor trustee.etc so I have a one to many relationship there. 
In that say the spouse can have many posts. 
Almost all the family members need details such as SSN, Birthdate and 
he/she him_/her or his/her decided on by Gender. 

The Children have to be counted as boys or girls. 

Should I break up all the types of family members into seperate tables 
and then somehow bring them together in a single file. 

as it is I am well over 300 fields when only about twenty are ever used. 

Actually I hardly know where to start on this. 

The thing I HAVE will fill in the will but I know my design is rediculous. 
I have been reading the tutorial and everything else but it is still overwhelming. 

If I HAVE Children spouse uncle and Aunt all in different tables,
How do I get all the parts back together to make the will? 

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Barry Williams
25th. October 2006
Principal Consultant
Database Answers
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