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Fishing Industry

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The Area being Modelled is :-
Fishing Industry monitored by Governmental Agency

A new Governmental Agency has been set up to monitor the fishing industry in this Region. The concern is that over-fishing might lead to the eventual extinction of some species and great problems for those people who depend on seafood for their survival. TheAgency wants a Database to store the data necessary to monitor the situation. All commercial fishermen within the Region must have a licence to fish which is granted each year by the Agency. Records of all licences issued over the last 5 years must be maintained in the Database. A register of all major species of Fish, identified by the government species code, is to be kept and is to be regularly updated with the population surveys of each species which will be carried out by theAgency's scientists. The scientists will work out a "minimum population" figure and a "total catch" figure, for each calendar year, for each species. Each licenced commercial fisherman must apply to the Agency annually for quotas which specifies the amount of each species of seafood that the fisherperson can catch in a particular year. A catch report must be made by each commercial fisherperson listing the tonnage of each species caught on each fishing expedition. The fisherman also provides a brief weather description for each expedition and the boat name. The Agency has inspectors who do random audits to ensure that the catch reports are accurate. These reports are to be stored so that the quotas can be checked to ensure that fishermen are not over-fishing. The system will produce regular reports of trends in species populations and exception reports where the population seems to be falling rapidly, or it is approaching the "minimum population" levels, or where the population surveys do not match the catch reports. One type of report is shown below for mr john snapper. Note that there are several other types of reports. Fisherman Name : Mr John Snapper Licence Nr : 7373 Address : 18 mermaid st geelong Phone : (03) 224556 species no. e Number : Species quota quota limit ytd_catch balance 234 tuna 548351842 15,000 11,125 3,875 236 ling 548354821 10,000 5,563 4,437 452 trout 548351452 20,000 12,458 7,542 last expedition
Barry says :- A. The Things of Interest include
  • A.1 Catches
  • A.2 Fishermen
  • A.3 Licences
  • A.4 Quotas
  • A.5 Species of Fish
  • A.6 Others to be determined B. What do we know about The Things of Interest ?
  • B.1 Each Fishermen has a Quota.
  • B.2 Each Species of Fish has a Quota.
  • B.3 Others to be determined

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