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Food Distribution 
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The Area being Modelled is :-
A Database for Food Distribution.

The Requirements have been defined by Prem. 

Data Model for Food Wholesale Distribution Question: Hi, Your site is very informative. I was looking for something which can cater my business needs. I know bit of programming and want to develop something which can be calibrated according to my bussiness model. Its a conventional Food grain distribution. This involves Orders from customers, preparation of Packaging list, invoice, delivery, part payments from customer via cash/cheque, payments in small chunks, returns/damaged goods. Purchase of goods from manufactures and keeping inventory which should be availabe while taking orders from customers. Difficult task here is to keep track of Purchase price and selling price which keeps on changing in every lot. Keeping track of Payments to the suppliers is done manually. This is also one of the problem area and needs automated. Apart from that, its the day to day expenses which I do manually, which takes lots of time to integrate with sales figures to work out actual profits. Please help me in putting a simple system in place without getting into much of finantial accounting stuff. I will leave that to accountants. Regards, prem
Barry has defined the 'Things of Interest' as follows :- A.1 Children A.2 Customers A.3 Invoices A.4 Orders A.5 Payments A.6 Others (To Be Determined)

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