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Locusts for the Gears of War Game 

These Locusts have been taken from Gears of War Web Site.

Summary :
An analysis of these Locust's profiles establishes that they do not have any identifying characteristics to establish a Super-Type and Sub-Type situation.
All we know about them is their First Name, Last Name, Rank and Gender and a brief background.
Therefore, we do not have any data to support an Inheritance relationship for Locusts.
Locust : Berserker

Locust Berserker
Description :
Berserkers are female Locust.
They use their keen hearing and sense of smell to seek out their prey and bludgeon it to death with their hammer-like fists.
Locust : Brumaks

Locust Brumaks
Description :
To stand in the Brumak’s shadow is to stare death in the face.
These hulking war machines possess a deadly assortment of weapons, from wrist-mounted
machine guns to over-the-shoulder rocket launchers.
For any chance of survival against a Brumak, blast away bits of its armor to reveal the soft, weak spots underneath.
Locust : Grenadier

Locust Grenadier
Description :
Locust Grenadiers are never afraid to get up close and personal.
They have a hard-charging kamikaze attack and rush their enemy with little concern for their own welfare.
They specialize in both grenades and the Gnasher Shotgun, drawing their targets out of cover with one
before blasting them to pieces with the other.
Locust : RAAM

Locust RAAM
Description :
An imposing figure, RAAM towers over all humans, his silent demeanor concealing a violent and merciless nature.
In battle, RAAM is a formidable opponent who wields a Troika Machine Gun while controlling the Kryll that he
sometimes employs as a shield. RAAM met his demise at the hands of Marcus Fenix aboard the Tyro Pillar, where
his reign of terror came to an abrupt and welcome end.

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