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Soldiers for the Gears of War Game 

These Soldiers have been taken from Gears of War Web Site.

Summary :
An analysis of these Soldier's profiles establishes that they do not have any identifying characteristics to establish a Super-Type and Sub-Type situation.
All we know about them is their First Name, Last Name, Rank and Gender and a brief background.
Therefore, we do not have any data to support an Inheritance relationship for Soldiers.
Soldier : Sergeant Marcus Fenix

Marcus Fenix
Description :
Few have given more and lost as much as Marcus Fenix.
A promising soldier during the Pendulum Wars, Marcus saw everything change on Emergence Day.
Marcus bravely fought the Locust for ten years, then, during an intense battle, he abandoned his
post to rescue his father, Professor Adam Fenix.
But he arrived too late. Marcus was tried for dereliction of duty and sentenced to 40 years in
Jacinto Maximum Security Prison.
Incarcerated for four years before being released to fight Locust again, Marcus was later promoted to sergeant.
Soldier : Baird

Soldier Baird
Description :
Private Damon Baird is a dedicated tech-head and professional skeptic.
In Baird's world, if something can go wrong, it probably already has.
His sarcasm can keep people at a distance, which is why Baird prefers the company of machines.
He believes in the Coalition's cause, but he's often frustrated with command decisions, and
took offense when Hoffman promoted Marcus Fenix to lead Delta Squad instead of him.
Soldier : Carmine

Soldier Carmine
Description :
As the youngest member of Delta Squad during the Lightmass Offensive, what Private Anthony Carmine
lacked in combat experience, he made up for in unbridled enthusiasm.
Soldier : Dominic

Soldier Dominic
Description :
A seasoned fighter who’s positive even in the darkest of hours, Dominic Santiago freed his best
friend Marcus Fenix from Jacinto Maximum Security Prison and recruited him into Delta Squad.
His battlefield intensity is rivaled only by his loyalty to Marcus--and his wife, Maria.
Dominic's relentless search for his wife finally ended during Operation: Hollow Storm, when he
and Marcus found her in a Locust processing facility, barely alive and irrevocably twisted.
Marcus left his side to allow Dom a final moment with his beloved Maria before ending her suffering.
Soldier : Hoffman

Soldier Hoffman
Description :
A military man to the core, Colonel Victor Hoffman demands discipline and sacrifice from those under his command.
Soldier : Lieutant Anya Stroud

Soldier Anya
Description :
As Delta’s Control contact, Anya Stroud guided Delta Squad on their mission to destroy the Locust,
providing vital intel and strategic advice to the squad in the field.
Soldier : Samantha Byrne

Samantha Byrne
Description :
Samantha "Sam" Byrne's father, Sgt. Samuel Byrne, fell in battle at the siege of Anvil Gate in Anvegad, Kashkur before the birth of his daughter.

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