Database Answers The 18th. Hole at Pebble Beach, California.

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Golf Course Maintenance
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A. The requirement is to design a Database for Golf Course Maintenance.

I'm going to try and design a Database for my son and it's is giving me headache already. I have designed a couple of simple Databases before but nothing like what he needs. What I'm confused about is this. My son is a director of golf for a resort (he just took over the 2 courses and their records are horrible). First, my possible tbl list looks something like this :- tblCourse CoursePK -- AutoNumber Course_Name ------------------------ tblZones ZonePK -- AutoNumber Zone_Name -- these would be ClubHouse, hole 1, hole 2..., Warehouse, garage, parking lot -------------------------- tblRegions RegionPK -- AutoNumber Region_Name -- flower bed, green, tee box, fairway, approach, aisle (warehouse, parking lot), pond -------------------------- tblAreas AreaPK -- AutoNumber Area_Name -- Cup(greens), Divits(greens, fairway...),Sprinklers (greens, fairways, flower beds), moss (all areas), parking spots, bins, I'm trying to see how my relationships would be. I have come up with different ways but all just seem unreliable to me. I have looked at designing tbls to connect them but not sure that is right or even if they need to have a relationship directly to one another. DANNY
Barry says :- A. The Things of Interest :- A.1 Fairways A.2 Golf Courses A.3 Greens A.4 Holes A.5 Maintenance Schedules A.6 Problems A.7 Repairs A.8 Rough A.9 Sprinklers B. How are they related ?

B.1 A Golf Course has many Holes. B.2 Each Hole can have zero, one or many stretches of Rough. B.3 Holes are sprinkled on a regular basis according to a Maintenance Schedule. B.4 Sprinklers can have zero, one or many Problems.

Barry Williams
18th. March 2009
Principal Consultant
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