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Data Model for Greyhound Training 
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The Area being Modelled is :-
A Data Model for Wine Lists

The Requirements have been defined in a question to the Database Answers Web Site. 

Subject: Many to one relation or not ?

Question: Hi i am trying to figure out which tables i need to setup a database .. and how they will be related, 
and i am hoping you can help me out 
I am trying to do a training database for greyhounds .. and when we train greyhounds, 
we usually do it in groups Ok... 

so i have 1 table where you can enter info about the individual dog, and keep track of all of them .. 
i got that part figured out 

Here is the tricky part in a new table (training) that should describe todays traning run, 
i can of cource put in general race data .. 

but i also need to be able to pick the dogs that are participating in todays training so in the GUI 
for the database i would have a list of ALL my dogs in the kennel .. 

then i would pick ex. 20 out of all 50 dogs in the kennnel for todays race .. 
and enter race data as described above ... 

would that then be a "many to one" relasjon ... 
or how do i incorporate this into my database schema, 
i mean which tables do i need to do this, and how are they related ? 

What confuses me is that i have multiple dogs participating in 1 race :-) 

All the best .. 
and thank you in advance for your answer and time spent on my question ! 

Per Vinding, 

Barry has defined the 'Things of Interest' as follows :-
A.1 Greyhounds
A.2 Races
A.3 Results
A.4 Training Completed 
A.5 Training Schedules
A.5 Others to be determined

The Business Rules are as follows :-
B.1 To be determined

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