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Gym Training Diary
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  • User Requirements These Requirements were established by Seth, starting on Monday, 16th. July, 2007 who needs a Database to support his Gym Training. The Levels_of_Training table stores the different categories, for example intermediate male, female and advanced bodybuilder. The Training_Schedules table groups exercises into routines. The Training_Diary table is used to log the exercises data, for example the number of reps and weight that was lifted during training session.
  • Exercises Exercises can be aerobic and weight lifting Users can have multiple exercise (User created) Exercises will have muscle groups Exercises will be added to routines routines will be added to some sort of session or workoutdays. The requirement is to be able to add multiple routines into a session or workout period. There can be multiple sessions or workout period per workout day (Monday,Tues,etc...) I will need some sort of calender or ability to add sessions to Workout days on calendar ( By day, time, etc..) A Table is required to track both aerobic and weight lifing exerices logs User should be about to add goals on Exercises,routine and session or workout period level User should be able to add dieting and other body measurements.
  • What is the relationship between Diary, Logs, Sessions and Training Schedules ? Answer: Training Schedule will be considered as a day of the session. An example would be a workout day of Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A Session will be the time span of work out on a particular day. For example from 1.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m. For that reason a user can have multiple sessions in a Schedule. The log is the data users enter after a workout session. An example would be a user entering the weight and reps that were performed for a particuler exercise.
  • The Things of Interest include :-
    • Aerobic Exercises
    • Body Measurements
    • Diary
    • Exercises
    • Levels of Training
    • Logs
    • Sessions
    • Training Schedules
    • Weight Lifting Exercises
    • Etc.
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