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These FACTS define business requirements which the Database must support.
They form the basis for agreement between the User and the Database Designer and are
written in a form of structured English which is clear and unambiguous.
The Draft FACTS have been defined and are detailed here ...
A. The Area being Modelled is :-
Running a Chain of Health and Fitness Clubs.

B. The Things of Interest, ('THINGS'), include :-
B.1 Classes
B.2 Clubs
B.3 Employees
B.4 Members
B.5 Personal Training Sessions

C. These THINGS_OF_INTEREST are Related as follows :-
C.1 A MEMBER can participate in zero,one or many CLASSES.
C.2 A MEMBER can take PERSONAL_TRAINING with one or many EMPLOYEES.

D. Other Characteristics of these THINGS_OF_INTEREST include
D.1 A MEMBER may or may not have an ADDRESS.
D.2 A MEMBER may join as a FAMILY Member.
D.3 A MEMBER has a Date of Birth and Gender.
D.5 A MEMBER has a Date of Birth and Gender.
D.6 An EMPLOYEE has a Date of Birth and Gender.

E. Sample Data includes :-
To be determined

F. Typical Enquiries include :-

G. Design Notes :-

Barry Williams
Principal Consultant
Database Answers
7th. December 2002

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