Insurance Claims Dimensional Model and Data Mart
Claims Dimensional Model

Claims Dimensional Model for Insurance
Data Mart for KPI 1
KPI 1 is the Total Claims Settlements as a percentage of Total Revenues from Policy Payments.

Data Mart for Insurance KPI 1
Sample Data to be loaded into the Insurance_KPI_1_Data_Mart Table
Rcd_ID,KPI_ID,Week_Number,RAG_Colour,Total_Policies_Revenue, Total_Claims_Settlements, Alert_Percentage, Actual_Percentage
1,1,'Claims Settlements as percentage of Revenues',1,RED,1000,5000,25,50
2,1,'Claims Settlements as percentage of Revenues',2,AMBER,1000,5000,25,20
3,1,'Claims Settlements as percentage of Revenues',3,GREEN,1000,5000,25,10
4,1,'Claims Settlements as percentage of Revenues',4,RED,1000,5000,25,50

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