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Intelligent Environments for Driving
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Wikipedia defines Intelligent Environments as "environments in which sensors and actuators have been embedded, to react to events and adapt to present people. For example, an intelligent house could change temperature and lighting to the health conditions, mood and preferences of people and animals inside each room."
The Requirement is a Database for Intelligent Environments to support Automated Driving.

Here's a Paper on Semantic Event Databases from the University of California at San Diego,

Here's a Paper delivered by Bill Gates which (on page 17) refers to Intelligent Environments as an area of research for Microsoft.

In the 20 minutes I have available it seems to me that the appropriate Approach is :-
1) Start with a Data Model to support the production of maps to get from A to B, (eg the in the UK).
2) Add a way to store the Rules for driving - eg 'stick to Roads and avoid driving thru Buildings'
3) Add the concept of Drivers, who are Agents.

My preliminary rough Rules are as follows :-

A. What are the Things of Interest ?
A.1 Agents
A.2 Bridges
A.3 Building
A.4 Cars
A.5 Drivers
a.6 Events
A.7 Roads
A.8 Stations
A.9 Traffic Controls
A.10 Transactions
A.11 Vehicles

B. How are they related ?
B.1 A Driver can drive one or many Cars 
B.2 A Car can belong to only one Driver at a time.

C. What else do we know about Them ?

Barry Williams
16th. March 2007
Principal Consultant
Database Answers


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